What's in for you:

Professional treatment is required to bring out a person under the influence of substances. It's pretty difficult for the person to even decide to come out, as they don’t know what they do or how they behave when under the substance and more rarely give up the pleasure of being happy. The greatest challenge is in making up one’s mind to stop the drug and the withdrawal brings in own symptoms like Agitations and sleeplessness. It also brings nausea, vomiting with it. It can become so uncomfortable and dangerous at times that the user wants to bring back the substance in order to avoid these troubles.

There is where our assistance and support is needed and we are more than happy to lend a helping hand to retrieve one’s life. We are a rehab centre, aimed to give back normal life to those who have lost it for substance. We have various programs that can be tailored to suit your or your loved one's needs, we have sessions to even give them an insight into why the drug has to be stopped. We make sure that the transition is smooth. Our professional and experienced trainers and counsellors ensure that you are here with personal interest because force does worse than good.

Bring the person to us, and we shall ensure that he or she will be retrieved back to normalcy. We believe in Christ and his path leads to serve people, whose principles are preached and followed here. Along with medical treatment we also give morality and personality boosting treatments so that when the person is injected into the society, they shouldn’t feel low on morale and self-confidence. Our treatments are available as packages, based on the type of drug and intensity of the usage. You can take up few trial classes and check for yourself. Later bring up on the people you know, or for yourself.