Exploitation of Heroin

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We know heroin as a substance, a drug that is addictive. But, how much do we know about what it does being addictive? Why are people behind it madly? Why is it so addictive, and what makes it? Are there ways to come out of addiction?

Well, though rehabs are there, drug additive's are very cautious to even visit the doctor, for the reason that they don’t want to be out of it. For smoking facts, just click. For a deeper knowledge on this, keep reading.

So, do you know what a heroin is, truly?

It’s a drug, that is illegal. It is an addictive substance derived from the poppy plant. Firstly we get opium, then refined to morphine, lastly after some chemical modification it becomes heroin.

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Though it is made illegal, the abuse of the drug continues to be on the rise in many countries and USA is on the higher risks. Heroin is not just a white powder alone, there are many forms of it.


There is a black substance, that is sticky looking like a tar, called tar heroin. There are chunks of solid black heroin, the even brown coloured powder is available.

Ways of taking them in includes, smoking injecting, snorted or injecting directly into the veins.


Though the techniques might vary, the effects are very quick in all. Lets now see why people use this, though it's illegal? We know that any illegal commodity in use gets a jail term, yet why?

Pleasure! Yes, it gives an immense pleasure that can't match anything and people are in for this! We have heard people talking that these drugs give pleasure just like ‘love’! the emotions and feelings that you get while in love, is reiterated here using this substance and hence people are bad for it.

We shall clearly tell you the emotions and feelings with heroin:

Induces the feeling of ‘rush’

Calm and warm feeling, like a relaxed state

Legs and arms display a heaviness that is slowed

High self-confidence and increased sense of happiness

Do you know how to check if a person is under the influence of the drug? Find out.

Though the symptoms and the signs of the display depending upon the quantity and quality of heroin used, it clearly shows with some mild to strong symptoms. Read to know them all.

Immediate signs to look out for:

The drug that gets in shows some symptoms immediately like nausea, dry mouth, itching and vomiting.

Some later signs and symptoms:

For few, there wouldn’t be any immediate symptoms but later starts to show some effects which make the body less active. Here they are: Later effects
Drowsy and sleepiness for hours together

Breathing starts to slow down

A symptom called nodding. Here the abused user will shift from the state of sleep and awakening periodically

In case you fail to catch at the beginning, here are few more symptoms that are sure to be found in a long term user.

If the user is using syringes, then you are sure to find the marks and bruises on the injected areas, preferably on the hands and elbows.

You can be sure to find out any skin problems and infections as prolonged use can cause

Liver and kidney problems that erupt due to over usage

Cardiac problems

Veins that are collapsed can be found in long use

Those were the smaller, find out a piece of information. Here we elaborate the effects that heroin carries.

Heroin effects on the human body:

Addiction is the first effect of this substance. Dependence is the next, that makes the user dependent on the drug alone for livelihood. Tolerance for the substance or look alike! So, these are the first basic outcome a person exhibits when under the influence.

Social effects of the person under influence:

Troubled and stressed relationships

Infectious diseases possibilities, like AIDS and HIV

Continued mental ill-health

Sexual disorders

Damage to the tender tissues of the nose, due to snorting

When this substance becomes overdose that is another health hazard. See what overdose of these drugs can do:

Dangerous levels of slow breathing

Absence of consciousness

Irreversible damage to the brain

Leads to death or coma point

Heart rate gets depressed

There is a medication to reverse the overdose of heroin, and it is: naloxone. In case you or your loved one is struggling under this, kindly get in touch with us.